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Anyone in MD have actual diesel swap experience?

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  • Anyone in MD have actual diesel swap experience?

    Need some info on legality. Anyone on this board do a swap to a diesel? Any issues with the state? I'm looking to possibly swap a Mercedes diesel into a Range Rover Classic. I've heard rumors of several TJ's getting Cummins BT4 swap but anyone on here with actual experience dealing with MD emissions? Thanks. - David

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    I'm pretty sure Mike Bosley at AOI Appalachian Offroad has done one of the TJ Cummins swaps, he may know.
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      MDMike did a 4BT in a CJ, but it is tagged as a Street Rod, so no emissions.
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          Family friends swapped in a '93 6BT in place of the 318 gas motor in their '89 W150. Post swap, they had it inspected by the Maryland State Police which then prompted the MVA to change their records, indicating the motor type had been altered from gas to diesel to which changed the truck's status to emissions exempt. For what it's worth, the swap was done approximately 10 years ago in Anne Arundel county.


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            I never went through with it with my 4BT Durango, but I did look into it. From what I understood, as long as the engine is the same age or newer than the vehicle it's going into, it shouldn't be an issue. You will still need to get it inspected by the MSP I believe. I had a hard time getting straight answers when I asked questions via email.