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Angle iron trailer ramps

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  • Angle iron trailer ramps

    Anyone have the trailer ramps that are made out of angle iron that could take a picture for me? Trying to decide what to do. I can get the jeep on the trailer no problem, but if I decide to haul a car I will need ramps.

    Could you also grab a pic of the channel that the ramps hook onto?

    Right now the trailer has a round rear cross member with a few tubes welded onto the back for fold down ramps. I plan to cut off the cross member, shorten the trailer by about 6" and weld on a flat rear cross member to put lighting in. I will need to make something on that cross member to retain ramps if I go that route.

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    Enough with the ADD, get your jeep ready and go wheeling

    If you're hauling a car find a nice incline to load it on.
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      I have some nice aluminum ramps you could borrow or buy.

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        I'll take pictures of my ramp......just one.
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          here are my i made. the ramp use to be one big one but i didn't like or trust it to much. i just used some 1/4 1x2 steel and some 2x2 angle. i used the old ramps hinge and just weld it on to the new ramps. i was going to make something that i could have slide under the trailer to store the ramps but i like having them up like they are so i can see the trailer better when backing up empty.

          there not the best looking i'm sure the welds look like crap but they hold my jeep so i'm happy


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            Mine are two pieces of C-channel, C-'s facing out with angle iron welded as crossbars every 8" or so and a piece of C-channel, C facing down that catches a lip at the back of the trailer.
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              Originally posted by Happy Bear View Post

              If you're hauling a car find a nice incline to load it on.
              JT and i loaded my cheerleader/soccermom non-4wd liberty on his trailer with the little oil change rampy things. it was quite an adventure but it worked.