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    Default cb radio supplys

    i am looking for a place that might sell cb radio stuff locally (harford county) to put in my cb .... is there anything ? or do i need to order on line

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    Don't know about local, but I get all my stuff from www.buyreliant.com

    They've always treated me well and shipped fast.

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    any big truck stops up your way tim? Radio Shack used to carry some stuff too...


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    Truck stops are usually fairly well stocked on CB stuff, most even have a repair/install shop.

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    This one isn't local either, but the have a large selection:


    Other than that, as stated, Truck Stops usually have most things. Should be able to pick up a radio pretty cheap at wallyworld, they used to carry the Cobra 19 which is what lots of folks use. If you want a stud mount cable you'll have to order it, never found any place that carried them on the shelf. If a PL-259 connector cable is what you're after they are easy to find local...i.e. truck stop.

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    guess i need to take a ride up 95 and check the truck stop in perryville ... anyone know if there is a shop up there

    all i need is an antenna and the cable to hook it up

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    the pilot gas station/ truck stop at perryville has a nice selection of stuff ... not i gust have to get it all mounted

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    Love's up in lebanon before rausch creek is loaded with stuff.

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    Forget about radio shack. I went there today for a simple coax cable connection for the mount on my big truck and they have nothing to do with cb's anymore. Don't even carry an swr meter any more. I drove to the piolt to get the connector that I needed. There is a cb shop at the ta in elkton 109b but his hours vary and some days he just dosent come in. Same for the cb shop down at the ta at odonell street 57a. If you really want good service and high end parts wies communication in hanover pa is great.

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    i think the antenna and cheepo cable cost more then the radio i got .... i might have 75 bucks in the whole setup ..... i dont need nice stuff to talk to the guy in front of me on the trail

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    Might not have had one at that store, but they still sell SWR meters. Radio Shack ain't what it used to be though, that's for sure.


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    Yea pilot or the flyin j at the 100 in north east will have all that you will need. Flyin J has larger selection and is cleaner and better food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mopar View Post
    the pilot gas station/ truck stop at perryville has a nice selection of stuff ... not i gust have to get it all mounted
    DITTO - I got an antenna and mount there last week, they have a bunch of stuff. Prices aren't quite as ow as online, but you get to see it in person... big bonus if you'd looking for mounts etc and not positive what you need...

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    id like to find a place to do a decent install on the dodge. but the new trucks where in the hell do you put anything, theres no room.

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    cb world at the t/a in elkton area. kenny up there does a good job and knows his sh*t. i suggest calling first, google his number

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    any place close to Ft. Meade area?

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    the T/A truck stop in jessup has a CB "shop" inside the hotel. if you walk into the hotel/restaurantand walk towards the trucker store, walk up the 3 or 4 steps and there is a hallway on your left and it is down that hallway.

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    Anyone know of a "CB Mechanic" or is anybody here a CB GURU that would like to help me out with my CB tuning? I just cant seem to get it to work. Poere in't the issue, but i cant tune it. Any ideas? Im right around the JEssup truckstop area if anybody wants to Link up.

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    whats the issue your having?

    I just installed my setup on the dodge a few weeks ago and i can yell at people for miles. im running the midland 50001z and dual fiberglass anntena's on the bed. I want to find a decent speaker to mount under the hood so i can yell cockfag at idiots that cant drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane View Post
    I want to find a decent speaker to mount under the hood so i can yell cockfag at idiots that cant drive.
    This should be awesome and has great potential.
    Quote Originally Posted by atjeep View Post
    Your years have brought you wisdom... and the ability to rationalize your laziness. Although your decision to wheel TWO YJs contradicts both my previous statements.

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